PSK Facing-PSKM50A

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  • Product application
PP scrim kraft facing manufacturer in China. PP-Scrim-Kraft Facing is a kind of insulation facings, used for warehouse, factory, supermarket, gym, and office.

Product Description

PSK-50A is a commercial grade PP-Scrim-Kraft (PSK) Facing. It is the more economic PSK facing for metal building insulation, suitable for warehouse, factory, supermarket, gym and office etc. General purpose product. Excellent for chemically hostile environment.


Facing CompositionDescriptionValue (Metric)
White FilmPolypropylene30 micron
ReinforcingFiberglass20 / 100mm - MD
16 / 100mm - XD

Typical Physical Property

Physical PropertyValue (Metric)Test Method
Basis Weight90 gsmScale
Permeance1.15 ng/N.sASTM E96, Procedure A
Tensile Strength170 N/25mm - MDASTM D828 - MD
50 N/25mm - XD
Burst Strength50 N/cm2ASTM D774
Temperature ResistanceRemains Flexible No DelaminationASTM C1263
- 40 °C/+90 °C
Dimensional StabilityLess than 0.5%ASTM D1204   @ 150F (65C)
Available Roll Width: 1.25 m, 1.30mm, 1.35m


  • 1. Above data are typical results and not the guaranteed performance.
  • 2. Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±2mm; Length: ±0.5%.
  • 3. The products should be stored at room temperature away from wet and heat source.
  • 4. Please do trial-application and make sure the product can serve the specific application before actually put it to use.