Ecnomic Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth

Provide a complete set of solutions

for insulation, heat insulation, packaging and compounding.


  • Product application
Foil Scrim-Kraft Facing Suitable for a wide variety of applications, it can be used as insulation and vapor barrier layer for numerous insulation materials, with good aging resistance and corrosion resistance.Our facings are designed with proprietary flame retardant chemistry to meet demanding fire codes and standards.


Facing CompositionDescriptionValue (Metric)
FoilAluminum7 micron
AdhesiveAdhesive10 micron
Fiberglass10x8 mesh/cm80 gsm

Typical Physical Property

PhysicalPropertyValue (Metric)Test Method
Basic Weight100 gsmScale
Permeance (WVTR)5.75 ng/N.sASTM E96, Procedure A
Tensile Strength - MD400 N/25mmASTM D828
Tensile Strength - XD200N/25mmASTM D828
Burst Strength80 N/cm2ASTM D774
Temperature ResistanceRemains Flexible
No Delamination
ASTM C1263
-30 °C/+100 °C
Emissivity0.03ASTM E408
Available Roll Width: 1.0m, 1.2m


  • 1. Above data are typical results and not the guaranteed performance.
  • 2. Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±2mm; Length: ±0.5%.
  • 3. The products should be stored at room temperature away from wet and heat source.
  • 4. Please do trial-application and make sure the product can serve the specific application before actually put it to use.