High quality Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth

Provide a complete set of solutions

for insulation, heat insulation, packaging and compounding.


  • Product application
TAGO Aluminized Fiberglass Cloth Series is ideal thermal insulation material combining aluminum and fiberglass. The insulation material combines many types of fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, flame-retardant cotton, aluminosilicate ceramic cloth, silicone fabric, EPE, non-woven fabric, and other component materials. It can be used for piping protection, engine components, construction materials, and other uses. The excellent thermal insulation materials are great for steam heating pipelines, sound-proof materials in construction and provide a protective layer for glass wool blankets. They offer fire-resistance, anticorrosion, heat insulation, and sound absorbency. For packing materials they offer moisture resistance, mildew proof properties, fire-resistance, and anticorrosive properties


  • 1.Used as the thermal insulating materials of steam heating pipelines, sound -proof materials in construction and protective layer of super glass wool with excellent functions of fire -resistant, anti-corrosion, heat isolation and sound absorbability.
  • 2.Used as packing materials for the export equipment with the functions of damp proof, mildew proof, fire -existence and anticorrosion.
  • 3.Used for wrapping materials of oil transportation pipelines and steam pipelines in petrochemical industry with the same effects as mentioned above.

Typical Physical Property

Item No.FG7628
THREAD COUNTWARP17.3per cm45.7 per inch
WEFT12.5 per cm33 per inch
WIEIGHT200 g/sm5.8 OZ/YD2
THICKNESS0.2 mm0.008 inch
COATINGAluminum foil/Metalized film
COATING THICKNESS7micron/18micron/25micron0.28mil/0.7mil/0.98mil
TENSILEWARP2025 N/5cm225 lbs/inch
STRENGTHWEFT1620 N/5cm180 lbs/inch
WIDTH101.6cm40 inch
121.9cm48 inch
152.4cm60 inch
SERVICE TEMPERATUREFiberglass is 550ºC, while mucilage is 300ºC