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for insulation, heat insulation, packaging and compounding.

Aluminum Foil Tape
Aluminum Foil Tape comes in extensive variety to meet all levels of performance requirement; pure aluminum tape has high tensile strength as well as good resistance to water and corrosion. It can firmly bond on various irregular surfaces, offering complement to various glass wool/rock wool insulation boards/pipes and ducts, etc. to ensure their insulation and vapor tightness. Aluminum Foil Tape is Suitable for bonding of seams in all aluminum foil composite materials, and sealing and mending of insulation nail puncture and breakage; insulation and vapor tightness of various glass wool/rock wool insulation boards/pipes and ducts; bonding fixation of metal lines of household appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.
Fiberglass Cloth Aluminum Foil Tape
Fiberglass Cloth Aluminum Foil Tape Has outstanding vapor barrier and extremely high mechanical strength and oxidation resistance, with strong cohesion, corrosion resistance and weak acid and alkali resistance. Fiberglass Cloth Aluminum Foil Tape is Suitable for pipe sealing splicing and heat insulation and vapor barrier of HVAC duct and cold/hot water pipes, especially the pipe sealing in shipbuilding industry.
Foil Scrim Kraft Tape
Foil Scrim Kraft Tape Consistent with veneer surface material, with higher tensile strength than pure aluminum tape; straighter and not prone to curl.Foil Scrim Kraft Tape Used for higher duty needs or bonding of interface and seams of vapor barrier with same surface appearance.
Foil PET Tape
Solvent Acrylic Foil PET TapePassed ISO 9001, AWTA, BS, SGS, AWTA E84
Cloth Duct Tape
Cloth Duct Tape adopts PE-coated cloth as backing with rubber-resin adhesive coated. It enjoys high tensile strength, excellent moisture resistant, easy tear. It conforms well to irregular surface. It is a good choice for bundling, heavy carton packing, general maintenance, pipe wrapping, book binding, carpet fixing, air-conditioning duct’s seam and joint sealing etc