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for insulation, heat insulation, packaging and compounding.

Aluminum Foil PET
Aluminum foil PET can be used for refrigeration industry,flexible duct,electric cables and optical cables, such as aluminium foil Mylar tape,Metallized PET,PVC tape,copper foil Mylar tape,imitation copper foil Mylar tape,polyester tape(PET)tape,aluminium-plastic tape,aluminium tape,and so on.
aluminum Foil PE Laminate
1, Flexible packaging and food contact applications2, To laminated with Woven,air bubble and EPE,XPE foam as thermal Insulating materials, which could be used as underlay, wrap wall,3, To make sunshade or ice bag;4, Used as emergency blanket, it can retains 80% percent of your radiant body heat.5, To make static shielding bag for electronic product.Relative Types:Metalized PET/BOPP/CPP, Aluminium foilMetalized PET/BOPP/CPP+PEAluminium foil + PEPET+ Aluminium foil + PEPassed ISO 9001, AWTA, BS, SGS, AWTA E84